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Cultgo - Resident Artist

In Cultgo, resident artists are working independently. Our artists get to choose the day and the time when they’ll be working, there aren't any liabilities upon agreeing to work as a resident artist at Cultgo. We're aware that freedom of artistic expression is very important in order to create a progressive culture, therefore our artists have a lot of freedom when they're creating. Cultgo has pledged to help spreading the culture around the world, connecting different ideas and diversifying artistic expressions. As a resident artist your mission is to create quality contemporary art and we will make sure to spread it around the globe!

How does our Resident Artist program work?

The Resident Artist program is going to help us fulfill our mission, diversify artistic expressions and spread the culture around the world. Our Fashion Designers at Cultgo are going to use the art provided by our Resident Artists and create designs inspired by the art.

Are our products going to sell?

Cultgo's marketing team is working very hard to ensure that our online shopping center reaches a large amount of audience. Our Resident Artists are also highly encouraged to promote their collection to their audience, this way we will reach to customers that are connected to their art. 

Collaborations between programs.

Our Resident Artists are going to collaborate with the different programs at Cultgo. The Fashion Designers and the Marketing Ambassadors are going to help the Resident Artists program and vice versa. This way, we're going to successfully spread our message and it will help us reach diverse audience.

Are there any liabilities?

At Cultgo we value freedom of expression because we want our artists to freely express their artistic identities. We make sure you have the freedom you need while working with us, therefore there aren’t any restrictions regarding your art and promotion. However, we do require our artists to represent our company in a safe and customer friendly way. No acts of any form of hate or discrimination is allowed.