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Cultgo - Marketing Ambassadors

In Cultgo, marketing ambassadors are working as independent marketing agents. Our ambassadors get to choose the day and the time when they’ll be working, there aren't any liabilities upon agreeing to work as a marketing ambassador in Cultgo. In the present time, we’ve discovered the power of social media, and social media marketing. It’s of great importance to take advantage of this tool that has been given to us, and use it to make the world a better place. Cultgo has pledged to help spreading the culture around the world, connecting different ideas and diversifying artistic expressions. As a promotion manager your mission is to spread Cultgo’s message, helping customers find quality products and latest fashion from all over the globe.

How do our promotion codes work?

Promotional codes are alphanumeric strings that are advertised by online retailers to promote sales on their website and are commonly associated with an overall marketing plan for promotion of Cultgo.

Customized promotional code.

We use promotional codes to track the performance of every purchase that has been made with your customized personal code from your followers. The promoting links are going to lead the customers to the landing page.

How does this function?

With every purchase made with your customized code you will get a percentage of that particular sale. In order to strive forward and motivate we also have milestones in sales as bonuses for every specific amount of sales you bring to us.

Are there any liabilities?

At Cultgo we value freedom of expression because we want our ambassadors to freely express their marketing ideas and their artistic identities. We make sure you have the freedom you need while working with us, therefore there aren’t any restrictions regarding how you choose to promote. However, we do require our marketing ambassadors to represent our company in a safe and customer friendly way. No acts of any form of hate or discrimination is allowed.

Marketing strategies.

Our marketing team is working very hard on developing marketing strategies that will enable our ambassadors to deeply connect with their audience. By making genuine connections with the audience you will be able to increase the sales and earning percentage. Joining the Cultgo Marketing Ambassadors program will give you access to our Marketing Strategies.